16 Signs You Should Get A New Job

Have you been asking the universe for a sign to help you decide whether you should quit your job or not? Well, looks like your prayers have been answered. I’m not just giving you a sign, I’m giving you 16 signs you need to leave! Watch today’s video and see if it’s time to throw in the towel, and pursue something new.


00:42 What to expect in today’s video?
01:25 You dread going to work each day
01:46 No room for advancement
02:18 You’re bored all the time
02:43 No interest in work
02:57 You worry about money
03:26 Everything feels overwhelming
03:40 Nothing you do is ever good enough
04:58 Too challenging
05:27 Your health is suffering
07:03 No work-life balance
09:51 You badmouth your boss and coworkers
10:14 You don’t agree with company ethics
11:04 Daily commute is your only form of social life
11:44 Obvious instability in the company
12:02 Your side hustle is taking off
13:16 You just know

Watch and Enjoy!

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