7 Advanced Link Building Tactics That Skyrocket Rankings

7 Advanced Link Building Tactics That Skyrocket Rankings | I’ve talked about link building for many years. You all know that if you want to rank on Google, you need to build links. Well, you can’t buy them. Today I’m going to share seven advanced link building tactics that’ll skyrocket your rankings.

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The first tip I have for you is run an industry survey. Contact people in your industry, CEOs, executives, thought leaders. Tell them you’re running a survey about a hot topic in your industry.

Ask them the questions. Then from there, compile the results. Send them your findings and ask them what they think. Now I want you to produce really pretty graphs.

The second tip I have for you, host a live event or a virtual summit.

So pick a really cool and specific topic theme for your event. If you don’t have a niche, you’ll find that it won’t work well. Now you want to package it in a way that makes it really interesting for people to attend.

And the more people you get to email, the more of audience you’ll have attended the event. And where you build the most amount of links is having a page dedicated with all the recordings, the cheat sheets, PDFs, courses.

All that stuff that people can download, make a really cool pretty landing page, email all the attendees. Not only will they share it, but you’ll also find that a lot of them will link to it, and it’s a great way to build links.

The third link building tip I have for you is case studies and ego bait.

Have you noticed that when you pick a case study and you create something that’s super detailed and it breaks down how someone can do something step by steps such as a case study on how someone improved their conversion rates or traffic, but not just like, hey, this company increased it, and we did some SEO and content marketing and social media marketing.

The fourth tactic is leveraging maps. Maps are the new infographics.

Glen Allsopp figured this out. People love to see how stuff is distributed throughout the world. A good example of this is there are maps that show all the shipping containers that are in the ocean at the same time.

The fifth strategy is leveraging the Moving Man method, and this tactic is by Brian Dean.

You hear about a website in your industry, they have a ton of backlinks, they’re rebranding, they’re migrating to a new domain name.

Do a backlink analysis on their website. Find its most linked content pieces and create a better or equivalent version of them. By the time your competitor migrates to a new domain, hit up everyone who’s still linking to the old outdated URL and let them know these pages no longer exist.

Tell them that you have a piece that’s equivalent or better and suggest that they link back to you. It’s a great simple way to get backlinks.

The sixth strategy, do a podcast tour. Search for podcasts that have had guests in the same industry as you.

You’ll find a lot of podcasts that host interviews with these people who serve the same audience as you. Hit them up and offer to do an interview on a specific topic that could be valuable to their audience.

And when you do a podcast tour, and you hit up 15, 20, 30 of these podcasters, and you get on a handful of them, all of them will link back to your website.

The seventh advanced way is to find unlinked mentions of your brand. People who already mention your brand, your name are likely to link to your website. Monitor your brand through Google Alerts, BuzzSumo, and SEMrush. Actively search for them on Google.

Just use quotation marks in the search if your brand has more than one word. When you do this, you’ll see everyone who’s mentioned you.

Heck, if they link out to you in a brand mention and you think that it’d be more relevant if they include a keyword, pitch them on it.

You’ll find not only that you’ll get a link, but you’ll get a link with a richer anchor text which will help boost your rankings.

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