7 eCommerce Email Marketing Tactics That Work Like a Charm

Email marketing is the life and blood of e-commerce, but if you’re using it wrong, it won’t generate you any sales. When you look at companies like Overstock do you know where they’re getting the majority of their sales from? Email marketing. That’s how powerful it is. Today I’m going to share with you seven e-commerce email marketing tactics that work like a charm.

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I’m going to break down seven tactics, and if you use these, your numbers will go up.

Tactic number one, scrub your list.

The reason I say scrub your list, too many people have eCommerce email marketing out there and they’re just like, yeah, my list is huge, I’m at 100,000, I’m at 200,000, and I’m going to keep emailing everyone.

Well, what you’ll find is your email’s going to the promotions tab.

Why is it going to the promotions tab?

It’s because you keep emailing people that aren’t opening up your emails.

If you scrub your list, only email the people that are opening it, your deliverability rates go up, you get into the inbox, and your open rates go up, your clicks go up, your sales go up.

Scrub your list. If you’re using a good email provider like ConvertKit, they automatically do it for you.

Number two, you want to make sure you do trigger-based emails. If someone is on your email list, they add stuff to their cart, but they don’t complete their checkout, what should your email be to them?

When someone goes to their checkout they have these products and they don’t checkout, but then, you shoot them an email being like, check out our e-commerce store, here are all these products that we sell.

Well, that’s a terrible email.

They already added the ones that they want to buy, but they just need that push over the edge.

Maybe some testimonials, whatever may be to get them over the edge, that will help a lot, and you’ll notice a ton of sales from that.

The third thing that you need to do is time-based emails. Here’s what I mean by that.

Everyone’s like, yeah, you send out an email, people open it up whenever they do. If you have a ton of unopened emails in your inbox, what happens?

You’ll find that you’re less likely to go through all the ones that are at the bottom and open them up.

People get lazy, it’s not just you, it’s everyone. So you want to look at what time that person came to your site and put in their email.

That’s when you should be sending them an email.

I try to stick within that timeframe, usually within an hour, versus sending it whenever it’s my convenience.

The fourth thing you want to do is promotional-based emails.

So you want to make your campaign set up in advance. You don’t want to be at the last minute writing these emails.

That’s a lot from a holiday season, even though there’s a whole 12 months in a year.

The fifth tip I have for you is to keep your emails short, to the point, and try to use text-based emails.

Most e-commerce companies love using image-based emails.

Do you know what happens with image-based emails?

They get pushed in the promotions tab.

Google and Gmail and Outlook, they all know that when someone sends you an email with a ton of images, it’s usually a promotion versus when someone sends you a text-based email it’s typically a friend, hence, you want to use text-based emails.

The sixth tactic I have for you is upselling and downselling.

Typically, when someone buys from your e-commerce product you’re going to have upsells and downsells on the checkout page.

Sure, you want to still have them on the checkout page right after they purchase, but you also want to followup through email for all the people that don’t buy your upsells and downsells.

On your thank you pages where you have these upsells and downsells, usually they’re short and to the point.

Through email, they can be much more in-depth, longer, and you want to space it out.

You want to followup with all the other things that they can buy that can make that experience even better. It’s very important to get the timing right.

The moment you get the timing wrong, that’s when you’ll see that those emails won’t convert at all.

And last but not least, when you’re doing email marketing, it’s not just about email.

It’s very similar to email about the tactics that I’m going to break down. It’s push notifications. I use email combined with push notifications.

So when someone subscribes to my site through tools like Subscribers, I’ll let them know and push send them through their browser, hey, here are the products that you could end up buying.

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