7 Social Media Hacks That’ll Make Your Business Grow Faster | Neil Patel

Today I’m going to share with you 7 content creation hacks to grow your business faster.

You’re on Facebook, you’re on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. But are you even generating sales from these social networks? I bet you’re not. As a beginner, all of this is overwhelming and complicated. So how do you start?

In this video I’m going to share with you 7 social media hacks that will help your business grow faster. These social media marketing tips and hacks will help you get more engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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The first hack I have for you, and this works for all social sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, if you respond to every single comment, you’re gonna get more engagement.

The second tip I have for you is specific to LinkedIn. Whenever you’re writing your descriptions, so let’s say you’re sharing content, or something from your website on LinkedIn, keep your sentences very short.

The third tip I have for you is don’t just promote your business. Everyone’s like, “Yeah, I want sales from Facebook. “I want sales from LinkedIn. “I’m just going to start promoting “my products and services.” Well if you keep doing that, and you’re not being social, because that’s the whole purpose of these social sites is to be social, you’re going to find that your reach is going to tank, and no one’s going to see your content, like, or engage with it.

The fourth tip is to leverage stories on Instagram and Facebook. They get so much engagement. What I like doing is sharing stories multiple times a day. Not just one or two stories but like 10, 12, 13. And even on Instagram what you can do that’s really cool is that you’re sharing stories. You can tell people to swipe up. Gary V. does this a ton. When he has a podcast or a blog post, he’s like, “Swipe up, swipe up.” It gets so much more engagement. That way his podcast is getting more downloads, people are going more to his site, he’s getting more conversion and sales. It’s a simple hack; it works well. And if you do multiple updates to your story each and every single day, it gives you more opportunities to get people to swipe up.

The fifth tip I have for you is cross promote your social profiles. You’re not just on Facebook. You’re not just on LinkedIn. You’re on all of them, or at least you’re on the major ones. So tell all your Twitter fans or followers to follow you on Facebook. Tell your Facebook people to follow you on Twitter. Tell your people on LinkedIn to check out your Twitter and your Facebook and your Instagram, and do that vice versa with all your profiles.

The sixth tip I have for you is to use exit popup. You know why I leverage exit popups? It’s one of the highest converting things you can do. Someone’s going to leave your site, might as well create that last ditch effort to get ’em to convert. And I don’t recommend doing it on mobile. I would recommend doing it just for desktop. If you want to do it on mobile, I would recommend that you wait at least 30 seconds before you show it because it’s too hard to detect when they’re going to leave your site.

The last tip I have for you is to test out video. Social platforms love video. So if you create video, you’re giving them more potential eyeballs instead of the television networks. That’s why companies like Netflix and Hulu, they’re pushing so much on paid content. Everyone, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all these social sites want that video content. So consider creating because when you do, you’re going to get more engagement.

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