A Simple Hack to Finding the Right Keywords to Rank #1 on Google (The Best FREE SEO Tool)

A Simple Hack to Finding the Right Keywords to Rank #1 on Google For (The best Free Tool) // If there’s one SEO lesson you need to learn about ranking #1 on Google, it’s this: the more traffic you get to your website, doesn’t mean the more sales you’re going to generate. If you’re going after the wrong keywords, you’re getting the wrong traffic right now. Even if they’re in your industry and you think you’re targeting the right ones, I bet, they’re the wrong ones. Today I’m going to share with you a simple hack to finding the right keywords to rank number one on Google for.

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I got my sites up to hundreds and thousands of visitors. My current site NeilPatel.com gets over three million visits a month.

Just think about that. 3+ million visits a month.

And if you’re not getting the right kind of traffic, doesn’t matter if you take it from three and go to six, or ten, doesn’t mean you’re going to get more sales.

And I learned that the hard way, but eventually, I learned how to fix it.

So, let’s go over the simple hack to getting you the right keywords to rank on Google for.

Step one, go to Ubersuggest.

When you go to Ubersuggest, you’ll notice, that yeah, you can type in keywords and do keyword research. But, you can also put in a URL and get data on all the traffic that anyone in the space is getting.

What keywords your competition is ranking for, how much cost per click are they paying for these keywords.

So, put in a competitor URL. The ones that you know are making money. If you don’t know, do searches in your space for other competitors and you’ll see which ones are spending money on ads and are bigger than you, have a lot of employees, they tend to do well.

Step two, on that page you’re going to see an overview, a traffic overview of your competitions traffic.

How many visitors you’re getting from that region, whether it’s United States, or Australia, or India. And you’re going to see their top pages, click on top pages.

Step three, under top pages, you’re going to see all the top performing pages that are driving most of their traffic.

Look at all their most popular pages, and click view all, under the estimated visits column. That’ll show you the keywords that are driving the traffic.

Look for the keywords that are driving traffic, have a high cost per click, ideally, in the dollar plus range.

Anything that’s over a dollar, has volume, is their most popular pages – because Ubersuggest sorting it by popularity.

And then you want to look at SEO difficulty. The lower the number, ideally under 50, the better off you are.

Next, what I want you to do, is take that keyword because you’ve found one, and Google for it.

Look up all the pages that rank in the top 10. Click on their site, look at that content that’s ranking.

Read it, understand it.

Now, next step. I want you to write a more thorough version.

More detail, more thorough, poke holes in their content, analyze it, answer everything that they’re not.

It’s not just all about length, it’s about being thorough.

Then, last but not least, just because you create the content, doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the rankings and the traffic.

So, you need to follow the steps so that way you can go in a full circle, and you can get the rankings. Anytime you link out to someone, hit them up. Ask them to share your content.

You can be like, “Hey John, I love your content, so much so I linked out to your site. You can check it out here. If you like my content, feel free and share it on your favorite social network. Cheers, Neil.”

By doing that, you’re going to get more traction, and as you get all this traction, you will start getting better rankings.

And as you get more rankings, you will start generating sales because you’re getting the right kind of traffic.

And if you want to see who links to your competition, check out the backlinks tool on neilpatel.com.


You can put in a competitor URL or anyone’s URL.

You can see everyone who links to them and you can hit up each of those sites and ask them to link to your article.

If you follow those tactics, you’re going to rank for the right keywords, generate the right kind of traffic, and generate more sales.

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