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Today I’m going to share with you if blogging still works in 2019. There’s over a billion blogs on the internet. Should you even waste your time with blogging? If you have a blog and you are wondering if blogging is worth your time, watch this video. I’m going to give you my best 7 tips to get the most of your blog and I’ll answer the question if blogging still works in 2019.


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The first tip I have for you is don’t focus on quantity, focus on quality.

The second tip I have for you is respond to comments. When you get comments on your blog. You need to respond. Think of a blog as a communication channel. If a friend was talking to you and they ask you a question and you don’t respond that’ll be rude. That goes with your blog as well. If someone asks you a question you need to respond. Someone leaves a comment, should at least respond with thanks even if that comment doesn’t say much and if you’re not getting any comments, at the end of your blog post end it with a question mark.

The third tip I have for you is to encourage conversations. The way you do this is make blog posts conversational. You want to use the words you and I within your blog post. By using the words you and I, it makes your blog posts feel more like a conversation such as wouldn’t you love how to double your search engine traffic, I know I would. Everyone says search optimizations hard, but you know what, It’s not impossible and today I’m going to share with you how I doubled my search traffic and you can too. Now I’m just making that up. I didn’t read a blog post on that, I probably should. But you can see how that’s conversational. By creating a conversation you’re going to get more comments. You also find that when keep it blog posts between five and six lines, It makes it easier skim. And the easier it is to skim your content, the more comments and conversations you’re gonna create.

The fourth tip I have for you is your blog isn’t gonna just miraculously get visitors and then convert those into customers. Most people like my blog getting all this traffic but I’m getting no sales, no customers you know why? It’s because you’re not adding call to actions. It’s okay to promote your business, it’s okay to promote your services your product if you don’t, you won’t get sales so put call to actions in your sidebar. Look what I do on “” If you read my blog, you’ll see call to actions that drive you to my services page or my homepage and it’s a great way to generate more leads and sales.

The fifth tip I have for you is to collect emails. Have you heard the saying the money’s in the list, it’s a very common thing in the digital marketing world. If you collect the emails, leave a comment with yes. If you don’t leave a comment below with no. Emails is one the most important things. You need to collect emails. If you have to take one thing away from this video. Go and collect emails. You can use a ton of free tools like “” to start collecting emails. Think of email collection as indeed. If you want a random person on the stream be like, will you marry me? Imagine me with a ring in my hand. And if you said that most people doesn’t matter, if you look like Brad Pitt, or Angelina Jolie, or Ronaldo, or any popular Kardashian, most people are going to say No. Why, because they don’t know you. But the moment you get to know people, they’re much more likely to say, yes. You date someone for a year or two and then you ask them to marry you, they probably say yes. If they don’t better get out of there. Now what you want to do is collect emails and using tools like hellobar, you can create like a lead magnet, where you’re showcasing something like offering a free Ebook, double your traffic in 30 days. That’s example of an Ebook that I can create. Doing simple things like that will capture you way more emails.

The sixth I have for you is start collecting push notifications.

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