How to Rank for Thousands of Keywords Without Building Links

If you’ve tried link building, you know it’s really hard to do, but they say it’s a vital thing that you need if you want to rank for thousands of keywords. Today I’m going to share with you how you can rank for thousands of keywords without link building.

Google Search Console:



The first strategy is what I like to call the land and expand strategy.

In other words, you already have keywords and pages that rank on Google. They may not rank as high as you want, they may not rank for as many popular key terms as you want, but they rank for something.

The way you see this is you log into Google Search Console.

Once you log into Google Search Console, they show you all the pages and the terms that each page ranks for. I want you to click through on one of those pages and look at all the keywords that that page ranks for.

From there, I want you to go back to the article on your site and see, all right, what other terms that this article is showing in Google Search Console, for keywords that I’m already somewhat ranking for, what are those terms, which one of them I am not including in my content?

You go through your article and make sure the article expresses or covers all of those key terms. Don’t just shove them in, you’ve got to naturally want to cover those terms.

At the same time, what you should be doing is taking the most popular terms that you rank for, putting them into Ubersuggest, and you’ll get a longer list of other long tail phrases. If you rank for a head term, the chances are it’s really easy for you to also rank for the long tail phrase as well, because the head term is always usually more competitive, from a rankings perspective, than a long tail phrase.

The second strategy for you is content clusters.

So, you’ve got these pages on your site. Now, this strategy and this tactic is all about layout and architecture.

I want you to create master pages, main pages, higher goal pages that are on one specific topic. So, for example, I may have a page that’s just dedicated to SEO, it’s a broad, large term. Then from there, I may link out from that main SEO page to all the other phrases and Terms and subjects around SEO.

Now, the way you figure out what other phrases to link out to is you can use a tool called Answer The Public. Answer The Public, you put in a head term, it shows you all the long Tail variations of that term that people are talking about.

These are questions, these are comparisons, these are propositions. And by creating pages on all the popular ones, what you’ll find is that you can start getting more traffic.

Now, that main page, that SEO page, whatever that main topic is, dog food, SEO, you pick that main parent topic.

That page needs thorough content, needs a ton of information, pictures, and videos. In other words, you gotta make it amazing.

The last strategy I have for you is content gaps.

There is content that your competitors talk about that you do not talk about. There’s terms that you rank for that your competitors don’t rank for.

That’s just how the web works. So, using Ubersuggest, I want you to put in a competitor’s URL. Then go to top pages. Top pages shows you all their most popular pages that they rank for and the terms that they rank for.

Take all the pages that they talk about that you don’t and delete the rest. Now you have a list of topics that your competitors are talking about, they’re ranking for, that you want.

Now I want you to go back to Ubersuggest, go to those pages, analyze them, see who links to them, see the keywords that they’re ranking for, and now I want you to start creating better pages, on those same topics, than your competition.

Now, you don’t need to hit these people up and get them to link to you because, as we all know, the more you hit up people and ask them to link to you, sure, a portion will link to you, but the majority will not.

But, instead, I want you to shoot them a simple email.

By doing this you’ll get a lot more social shares. People are much more receptive to sharing on Twitter or Facebook, any of those social sites.

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