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How To Repurpose Your Blog Content For Social Media // Creating social media content is hard, right? What are people going to like? What do they want to see? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

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What do you think I do?

I barely create new content for social media.

Every once in a while I do, but in most cases I repurpose it.

That’s how you become more efficient, and you get the most from your marketing investment.

So let’s start off with the first tip.

When you release a blog post, I want you to share on all your social channels.

I’m talking about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

You can even do a story on Instagram and tell people to swipe up to go and head over to your blog and read that blog content.

That’s how you repurpose content.

That’s the easiest way.

The second tip I have for you is taking that blog content and also post the text base of that content on the social profiles.

So after you share the content, which was in step one, the second step, a week later you can take that whole article and upload it, and put it on Facebook, put it on LinkedIn.

By sharing away you’ll notice that you’ll get all this engagement all over again just on these social profiles.

It’s an easy thing to do.

The third tip I have for you, and the third strategy, this one works really well, as well.

Take that blog content and cut it up into chunks.

You can take little chunks and quotes and put them on LinkedIn, put them on Facebook, put them on Instagram.

Heck, you can even turn ’em into an image.

You can pay someone on Fiverr to take 50 quotes, pay ’em 10 bucks or $5, they’ll turn them into an image and you can start uploading ’em to all these social profiles ’cause everyone loves image-based quotes.

That’s a great way to repurpose your content leveraging what I call micro-content, in which you’re taking big pieces of content that you have and cutting up into small pieces of chunks and posting them everywhere to see how they do.

The next thing I want you to do is take your blog content and create videos from it.

Just bust out your phone.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy.

You don’t have to go into a studio like me.

Bust it out, film yourself talking about the same thing that you already talked about in your text-based content and upload it as video, because you know what, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, they all prefer video over text.

Well, with YouTube they only prefer video over text, but you get the point.

By showing video-based content, you’re going to get extra traffic that you wouldn’t have if you just created text-based content.

And last but not least, repost your content at least once a year.

Take that content that’s already done well at least once a year.

I’ve even done it once a quarter.

Heck, I’ve even tried doing it three times within 24 hours.

Some social sites like Twitter, that works.

Other social sites like Facebook hate that.

But when you repost at least once a year, you’ll get more juice from that same piece of content.

That allows you to get more traffic without creating new content.

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