How to Spy on Your Competitors’ SEO & Steal Their Traffic Through Competitor Analysis

You shouldn’t start any SEO campaign until you do this. If you’re not doing competitive analysis to figure out what’s working for your competitors to get more traffic, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity. On today’s SEO training I’m going to teach you how to spy on your competition to steal their rankings and get more traffic to your website.

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Now I’m going to share with you how you can get all of this information and best of all, for free.

So step one, go to a tool called Ubersuggest.

You can Google it. You can go to or

Pick whatever way you want there. I now want you to type in a URL of your competitors. It could be any of them.

Step two, you’re going to see a report that just loaded up.

This is going to give you their overall traffic per region.

You’ll notice that Ubersuggest breaks it down per region and this is important.

You’ll find that your sales will mainly come from a few different regions. Even if you’re a global business, you’ll be stronger in certain regions over others.

This is why Ubersuggest, it’s broken down per region. Now I want you to scroll down and look at top pages. Click through that.

Step three, now that you’re on top pages, I want you to dive really deep into what’s driving your competitors their traffic.

See this top pages report breaks down the most popular piece of content on your competitor’s website.

How many keywords each of these pages are ranked for and what are those keywords. What is the cost per click for those keywords.

You just click that “View all” button and you can see all of that.

And by seeing that you can figure out oh, here are the keywords that are driving traffic, here are the ones that aren’t.

Here are the ones that are high cost per click, here’s the ones that are low cost per click.

Step four, now that you clicked view all in the keyword category for any of your top competitor’s pages, I want you to dive into all those keywords.

Keep going next, next, next, and you can see a laundry list of all the keywords that are driving traffic.

A low search difficulty or SEO difficulty score, search difference easy to rank for.

If that keyword is easy to rank for, has a high cost per click, and does a lot of traffic, what does that tell you?

That keyword if you rank organically, will get you traffic. Now the next thing I want you to do is go to the top keywords page.

This report shows you all the keywords in general that your competition’s getting traffic from.

And you can keep going next, next, next. The same thing you want to look for is the keywords that have a high cost per click, high amounts of traffic, and have a low search difficulty.

If they have a low search difficulty, that means you can rank for these terms faster.

Now the next thing you need to do after you type in a handful of your competitors is type in some of these keywords that you’re thinking about going after.

When you go into the keyword’s ideas report, which is what I want you to do next, and you’ll see a laundry list of other suggestions.

Both runs that come from Google Suggest and others that come from Google Ad Words if you click on the related keywords. And the beautiful part about this report is it will show you on the right-hand side everyone who ranks for this term, how many social shares do they have, how many visitors are they getting, how competitive that term is.

Because if you see a lot of your competitors going after the same keywords creating content on similar subjects, that means they’re making money from it and you should consider doing the same.

Now you don’t want to just do the same as your competition and create the same kind of content.

It could be on the same subject, but you need to go above and beyond. Brian Dean has this article called the Skyscraper Technique.

Follow it, read it. It talks about building content that’s 10 times better. You know those crazy building in Dubai and they’re just like oh, we’re not going to build a building that’s one or two stories taller, we’re going to build a building that’s double the height.

So when you see what your competition’s doing, you don’t want to just do what they’re doing, you want to go above and beyond and beat them so much that they would not even dare to copy you.

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