How To Turn Ice Cold Visitors Into Loyal Customers

How to Turn Ice-Cold Visitors into Loyal Customers Fast || Look, it’s easy to convert someone that knows you into a customer, someone that already trusts your brand, someone that’s heard about you from a friend. But what about ice-cold traffic? And that’s why 98-99% of your visitors never convert. Because they’re ice-cold. But there must be a solution to this right? Well, there is. Today I’m going to teach you how to convert ice-cold visitors into loyal customers fast.

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Step 1 – Offer value first.
Everyone’s trying to convert their visitors into customers. And you can do that. You can try to pitch your brand-new visitors and tell them, “Buy buy buy”. And you can show them everything you want. But most of them won’t. Why? They don’t know you. They don’t trust you.

Yeah Amazon can get away with this but everyone knows who Amazon is. If you want to do well you got to build relationships first. You got to give them awesome amazing information first that helps them. In other words you got to put them first.

So that’s why I like creating content. And there’s a huge trend that happening right now. If you look at a lot of the ads that are happening on Facebook and Google, people are first driving people to content that educates and then selling them.

“Why?” You’re probably asking. Not only is it cheaper per click but these visitors are more likely to convert because they’re getting to know you first. So help them out first.

Give them a ton of valuable information. No one’s just going to buy from you without adding value first. When you help them out first they’re more likely.

Now the other thing you want to do is for all the people who are converting and buying, you want to have a pixel on your site so that way you can create lookalike audiences for both Facebook and Google so they in the future can show your ads to relevant people that are just like the ones who have already purchased.

Step 2 – When someone’s reading your content give them a little extra in exchange for a small commitment.

So what I like doing on the Neil Patel site, and you’ll notice this is I have things like quizzes. You take a quiz, you crit it, you go through it, I’ll give you some free amazing information as long as you give me your name, email address, and phone number. Why do I do this?

Because if you’re willing to give me a small commitment it shows that you’re interested. We’re building a connection, a rapport, its easier then for me to sell you on stuff later on.

And you want to go above and beyond, make sure you check out messenger opt-ins or push opt-ins. Like you can do a Facebook Messenger opt-in in exchange for an ebook. You can do the same thing with a push notification.

Step 3 – Follow up and nurture your emails.

Don’t expect people to just automatically convert. You have to nurture even if they opt in. So what I like doing is email sequences. Any email software from ConvertKit to Mailchimp, they all offer this.

Cause then when they come back to my site it’s easier for me to convert them. I also do push notifications on a regular basis. I’ll send them more and more information that helps educate them. Do the same with Facebook Messenger. Every time I release a new blog post, push out through Facebook Messenger. It gets more people back to my site. I’m showing value

Step 4 – When someone comes to your website an easy and quick way to build that connection with them is through live chat.

So there’s tools like Intercom where you build that connection with people really fast in a matter of five minutes.

My buddy Yaniv from Nextiva he tells me one third of his sales come from people on the site, one third comes from people dialing into their phone numbers, one third comes from Intercom.

If you follow all those tips you’ll be better off, you’ll convert way more of your visitors into customers instead of having maybe 1% of your visitors converting into customers and the 99% going away and never coming back.

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