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Today I’m going to share with you how to work with a multi-million-dollar company.

Do you want to work with a multi-million-dollar company? The way you work with them isn’t the way you’re thinking. In this video I’m going to share with you how to get more high paying clients without spending money on ads.


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The lesson of the day for you guys if you wanna generate these big contracts, work with these big companies, it’s not gonna happen the way you’re thinking. Most people think that it’s from connections or it’s from college. If you go to Harvard, you’re gonna get these contracts. It’s not really the way. It’s simple. It’ll take time, but follow this strategy and you’ll be able to work with multi-million dollar companies. One, help people out. Whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook or a social web or if you wanna blog or create videos, just help people out. Helping people out goes a long way. I have this concept called little is the new big, which if you help out the little people, the people who aren’t well known, there’s so many of them, that eventually, the people who are decision makers will hear about you because you’re helping out all these other people who aren’t as well known.

The second strategy I have for you is to speak at conferences, you need to speak at least four a year, so one a quarter. The way you do this is you take all the conferences in your space and you just apply to speak at them. Most of the people are gonna ignore you and say, no, we don’t want you to speak. But some of them will say yes. It really is a number’s game. The next thing I want you to do is I want you to go and just help people locally within your community. Whatever city you live in, there are multi-million dollar businesses. Chamber of Commerce, there’s probably other organizations within your city. What you’ll find is people are more likely to hire local companies than they are to hire companies that are across the world or in a different state or a different country. So, really go and help out the people that are local to you. The fourth tip I have for you is to be an expert. When you’re seen as an expert, more people are gonna wanna work with you. And I know this is tricky because you’re like, wait, ow do I be seen as an expert when I’m starting off. Well, I want you to hit up other successful entrepreneurs or other successful people within your space and interview them. When you interview them on your site, it could be video, you can do it over Skype, it could be podcasts like audio, could just be a text based interview like a blog post. When you publish on your website or on YouTube or Facebook or LinkedIn, have that person share an email and be like, hey, Neil, the interview I did with you just came out. Do you mind sharing it and tweeting it out? If you’re seen interview other experts, you’re seen being along the side of them, that’s why video is more powerful when you do this. People will also start seeing you as an expert and you’ll notice that you’ll get more business as well, especially as these experts start promoting your own content because you interviewed them. So, that’s it, follow those tips and you, yourself can get a multi-million dollar contract. Over time, that parts, not easy, but at the beginning you can work with a multi-million dollar company and eventually, you can work your way up to working with billion dollar companies.

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