Make $500 Per Day With REDDIT Using These 4 Methods


We’re back with another episode in YouTube’s number one money channel! In today’s episode, I’ll tell you how you can make $500 every day on Reddit! I’ll be sharing four ways on how you can do just that, plus a bonus tip at the end of the video so make sure to keep on watching!

00:55 What to expect in today’s video
01:55 Affiliate marketing
04:34 How to get an affiliate link
06:49 Getting into Reddit
07:10 Targeting who to send links to
08:30 Joining target groups/subreddits
09:27 Submit a link
11:30 Communicate normally
14:06 Submit a text post
15:14 Commenting on other people’s posts
16:36 Direct messaging
19:40 Bonus tips

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