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SEO or paid advertising? Which one is better? In today’s video I’m going over the difference between paid advertising and SEO. Some people say you have to do SEO. Some people say you have to do paid advertising. Which one’s better? Which one sucks? Why should you be leveraging any of them? Not only am I going to go over that today, but the answer is not what you’re going to expect. Search engine optimization is how to get organic traffic, but paid traffic is just as important.


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There’s four main pros of paid advertising. One, it can scale up as quick as you want. As you’re willing to spend more money, you get more traffic. You start a paid advertising campaign, you get that traffic today. Two, you can target any region that you want. With paid advertising, if you only do business in California, you can only do ads just in California, If you do business in a specific city, you can also have your ads only show up within that city. That’s a beautiful part about paid advertising. Three, you can leverage dayparting. Dayparting isn’t common, most people aren’t familiar with this and they’re not using this. But if you’re business is only around from 8 am to 5 pm, and let’s say you’re in the B to B industry, and you’re looking for phone calls, why would you want to pay for ads at 6 pm? Because if someone comes to your website, and they try calling you, no one’s going to be there to answer it. With dayparting, it allows you to pick what hours you want your ads to show up. The last thing you want to do, is be spending money during times that you’re not in business. The fourth thing, this is my favorite part about paid ads, is you can be very aggressive with your landing pages. With SEO, typically, pages that rank on the top of Google, are very long in content and they have roughly 2000 words. With pay-per-click, if you’re landing page has 2000 words, people aren’t really going to convert into a customer, or a lead, or a sale. They’re probably gonna read your content. That’s not what you want. You want them to buy, and that’s the beauty of pay-per-click. You can have a very aggressive landing page that focuses on your service, your offer, your product and you can get people to convert much higher from a percentage of how many visitors you’re getting to how many customers, than you can from SEO. With SEO, there’s a few advantages. One, even if you slow down on SEO, you can keep getting more traffic over time. That’s the beautiful part. With paid advertising, the moment you stop, so does your traffic. With SEO, if you slow down, all that traffic that you’ve built up, doesn’t go away. You can still maintain it and get it. Two, SEO traffic is free. And here’s what I mean by free, yes, it does take time or energy, or you may have to pay some people to help with link building or content, but it’s free because it’s so much cheaper and in general, you can do SEO yourself. You don’t have to pay an agency or firm to help you with SEO. You can learn it yourself, you can do it yourself and over time you’ll notice that your traffic goes up. And the third big benefit is, majority of people when they perform a search, click on the organic listings.

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In today’s existing economic climate, a great deal of people are fantasizing to begin their own online organizations as well as be their very own success story. Their enthusiasm as well as fervor for success thrusts them to head out by themselves and build the following future multi-billion software application or social networking website. They think that having their very own business is the only possible methods of accomplishing millions and also popularity. They leave their business work and take on an independent status to focus on their next huge experience.

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