Ranking #1 With a New Website on Google in 2020 | Is it Even Possible?

Ranking #1 With a New Website on Google in 2020? Is it Even Possible? // With all the changes that Google is making and their algorithm keeps getting harder and harder, is it even possible to rank at the top anymore? Today I’m answering the question of is it even possible to rank at the top of Google in 2020?

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If you have a brand-new website or even a website that’s old and you’re getting little to no organic traffic, you can still generate a lot of traffic from Google and rank organically.

But the ways you need to do it is totally different than what people are thinking. Now let me give you an example.

There’s this company called Ahrefs. Ahrefs provides an SEO tool. They rank on page one of Google and at the top for backlink checker. But before they ranked at the top, they were doing everything.

They were building links to that page, they were guiding internal links, and they couldn’t get to the top no matter what they tried. And can you guess why they couldn’t get to the top?

Well, it’s because everyone who searches for that term is looking a free tool that provides backlinks right away. Ahrefs is a paid tool. The moment they figured this out, they released a free version of their tool that provides information on a hundred backlinks.

Just a hundred, they limited it so people still upgrade to their paid tool, and what ended up happening is within a few weeks to even less than a month, they shot up to number one.

Do you see what happened there? They figured out what the user wanted and they provided it. It wasn’t just about building links, it wasn’t just about optimizing title tags, putting in the right keywords.

It’s providing the best experience for our users, and that’s a mistake that most people make.

In 2020 and even beyond, SEO is not just about building links, building the right type of content, internal linking.

It’s about thinking about the user and putting them first.

If you don’t put the user first and you don’t give them what they want no matter how much SEO you do.

Just like Ahrefs showed, you won’t rank. If you put the user first, and even if you don’t have all the other factors, like your backlink count isn’t right, your internal links aren’t perfect, you can still rank high.

Because the way Google looks at rankings these days is even if you do all the fundamentals right, but if people keep going to your site and then click the Back button right away, they’re bouncing off, they’re going back to Google quick and the next result, that’s telling Google that, hey, people don’t like your website.

Google doesn’t care how much SEO stuff you’re doing at that point. They’re just like, wait, people aren’t liking your website, so they’re not going to continually rank you.

So if you want to rank in 2919, don’t just think about SEO from an on-page or off-page perspective. Think about SEO from a user’s perspective.

What do your ideal customers want? If you don’t know them, head over to tools like surveymonkey.com and you can survey users. You can survey your own users. Ask them things like, what else would you like to see on this page? How can we delight you? How can we make our website better, our product, our service? By figuring out what people want and then giving it to them, you’re much more likely to crank and climb in the rankings.

It’s not just about doing the fundamentals that everyone is talking about.

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