Selling The Invisible: The 5 Best Ways To Sell Your Services

Selling The Invisible: The 5 Best Ways To Sell Your Services // It’s really easy to sell a tangible object because you can show people what it is and what it’s all about. But how do you sell services?

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4 Ways to Sell High Ticket Services Online :

The first way to sell a service is describing the benefits.

People are buying a specific service.

If you just say, hey, buy this, but you don’t break down the benefits, like why should they buy it.

What’s the benefit to them?

If it can help make their life better.

If they can drive up more traffic.

My ad agency, Neil Patel Digital, helps people drive more traffic and sales.

That’s the benefit.

So if you need help with that, check out my ad agency.

And if you don’t use benefits, people are going to be like, huh, you got services, you’re selling them, but why should I end up buying them?

You got to tell people in basic English what they’re going to get, a.k.a. the benefits.

The second way to sell services is by describing outcomes.

People want to know what they’re going to get.

Specifically, hey, I hired your ad agency and now I’m going to get five times more traffic.

Here’s my conversion rate per visitor.

Here’s how much revenue this is going to drive.

Here’s my profit margin and here’s what it’s going to do for my business.

That’s an example of an outcome.

And when you get very specific, you’ll find that it’s easier to make the close.

And when describing the outcome, you’ll also find that when you go into the nitty gritty details, it’s easier to close the deal versus if you just keep it at a high level.

The third way to sell a service is value.

For example, there’s so many businesses that would hire you because they don’t have enough time.

If you can help do the job better than them and you can save them time and you can make them more money, that’s a huge value added.

In most cases, businesses are just happy that you saved them time.

Businesses are understaffed, in many cases, and they can’t hire good talent.

That’s why they use consultants and contractors.

So when you’re selling your service to that company you need to figure out, hey, what issue they have, what value you can provide for them.

And if you can use that in your sales you’re much more likely to close them.

The fourth way you can sell is by anchoring.

You’re going to have competition.

If you can show how you’re more efficient, you’re cheaper, you’re better, you get the results quicker, more people are going to hire you over the competition.

When we use anchoring we love to show everything else that you’re getting with us that you’re not getting with the other agency.

How our pricing is better.

How our results are better.

So people are like, oh wow, this is what all the other competitor charging, you’re this price so we get way more.

This is a great deal.

We should sign up with you.

Anchoring’s super effective because you already have competitors.

Last but not least, pricing.

I hate offering discounts but if you can make your price point similar to other people or a bit less, it typically is easier to close as long as you’re providing the same value.

Again, I don’t use this because I hate offering discounts but pricing is a good tool and in many cases I use pricing in an opposite way.

People are a lot cheaper than my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital, but we show them the difference between going with Neil Patel Digital and the competition and why we provide results and why most don’t.

And that’s why we show, hey, if you want good stuff you got to pay a premium dollar.

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