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In this video I’m going to discuss Social Media Marketing 2019: Here’s What You Haven’t Tried. Are you tired of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and all these social sites, make the algorithm harder and harder, so you get very little to no traffic? Well, who isn’t tired of that? But in this video I’m about to solve this problem for you.

What I’m going to share with you today isn’t just going to get you 100 visitors from social sites per month, it should get you well over 1,000 visitors per month.

Watch this video to learn what’s working in social media marketing in 2019.


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What I’m gonna share with you today isn’t just gonna get you 100 visitors, it should get you well over 1,000 visitors per month. The first tip I have for you is to share your content multiple times. When people go on Facebook or LinkedIn, they share the content once and that’s it. Why? You know most of your followers aren’t gonna see your content. Have you thought about sharing it six times a year? Yes, that same piece of article over and over again. By doing that, what you’ll find is, you’ll get way more traffic, typically double to triple the amount of traffic than if you just shared it once.

Second tip, create engaging content. The biggest part about this social algorithms, in 2019 is comments. It’s not likes, it’s not shares, it’s how many people are leaving a comment. Do you know why? Well, it’s because this takes more effort for you to leave a comment than it does for you to like this video or share the video. Don’t believe me? Leave a comment below. If everyone leaves a comment below, you’ll watch this video go viral. It could be as simple as being like yes, no, or the number, one; it doesn’t matter what you leave in the comment. If you all leave a comment, this video will go more viral.

The third tip I have for you, is don’t be afraid to promote your business. It’s so funny, everyone’s like, “Oh, I figured out how to get social traffic “but it’s useless; “It drives no sales.” Well, are you asking people to buy from you? If you don’t have any call-to-actions in your videos, you can’t expect people to come, consume your content and be like, “Yeah, sure. I’m gonna buy from you, Neil.” People don’t think that way, they’re just gonna consume. You’ve got to encourage them to go to your business, buy or buy your products or your services or sign up from. That’s why at the end of every one of my videos, I tell everyone to check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital.

And the last tip I have for you, and this is what you haven’t tried, and this is what you are not doing, optimize your own type of conversions. Even when you get the social traffic, you’re just not gonna get those people to convert into customers. Yes, you can tell people to buy your products, buy your services, and that’s one strike, but you also need to optimize your own learning pages. By using tools like Crazy Egg, you can see where people are clicking, where they are not, what’s stopping them from converting, and then get them to convert by running A/B test. You can even use tools like Hello Bar and Subscribers to either capture emails, or even to get people on your partial notification list. That way, over time you can nurture people and convince them to buy through JEP notifications.

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