The Fastest Ways to Bring Traffic to a New Website

It’s easy to do SEO when you got a old site that already has a ton of back links. It’s easy to spend money on paid advertising when you’re already rich and you’re an established company. But what happens when you’re a new website? How can you get that traffic? Today I’m going to break down the fastest ways to bring traffic to a brand new site.

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The first method I have for you is to partner with other content creators. Have you thought about co-hosting blog content?

So all the things where I’ll go and I’ll create content with other people and we’ll do it on a similar topic.

So for example, we may do a joint webinar, joint podcast. We may even do roundup posts. We may even do interviews with other people.

By partnering with other content creators, you’ll find that they’ll Promote the content and you’ll promote the content as well.

But you may be like, Neil, I don’t have any traffic to my site. That’s okay. That’s why I also gave you options to interview people and do roundup posts, because people are always flattered to be interviewed.

People are always flattered to be included in a roundup post.

And you know what, when you include X person in these posts, what are they going to do when it gets published?

They’re going to share it. When they share it on their favorite social site, what happens, you get more traffic.

And yeah, you may find that all of the experts may not share the content, but if you email asking them to, a large portion will.

I’m talking about 30%, 40% plus. I found that when people interview me and they ask me to share the content, almost always I share it.

Giveaways, contests, or promotions.

Look, reach out to other websites in your niche, offer them something that’s valuable to their audience, and They’ll spread the word. When they do, you’ll get extra traffic.

Giveaways have been so effective. You guys are all familiar With the guy named Tai Lopez.

Here in my garage is this Lamborghini, right?

He’s famous or known for that video as well as a lot of other things. What does Tai do that’s Extremely effective and smart?

He does a ton of giveaways. He’s given away money, he’s given away cars, he’s given away shoes, he gives away whatever he wants to give away that he can think of.

And it’s super effective, because when you do giveaways, people love it, they spread the word, you get a ton of traffic, you get a ton of followers, a ton of engagement, and you can keep leveraging that audience to keep coming back.

Method number three, push notifications.

It’s the simplest way to keep getting more and more traffic.

Just think of it this way. Look, someone comes to your site, are they going to come back? Chances are no.

If you’re not sure about this, check out Google Analytics. There’s a cohort report in there, it shows you how often people come back. You’re lucky if three months down the road even 1% of your audience comes back.

By doing those push notifications with one click, someone’s subscribed to your site, they don’t have to put in an email or anything, they don’t have to give you any of their personal information, and then any time you release more content, any new features, promotions, you can message them all out and quickly get them back to your site.

And you can use Subscribers to do this,

The fourth thing you want to do, paid ads.

And you may not have a big budget, that’s okay.

Did you know in many cases Google AdWords will give you $50 or $100 in free adspend?

Don’t believe me, google for it. You’ll find a ton of offers and coupons like that. You can use it to get started, it’ll give you a quick boost in traffic.

Yes, those visitors may not convert into customers because you may not have enough time to run the optimal campaigns, but it’s a great start.

Just try that out, you’ll get a quick boost of traffic.

And you know what? If you get some sales, you can keep doing more and more of it over time.

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