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You’re writing all these blog posts, but for some reason you’re not getting any rankings, and search traffic from Google. You’ve done everything you know about SEO and search engine optimization, read dozens of SEO Tutorials, but you’re still not getting there. And you know what? Today, I’m gonna share why that is and how to fix that.


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Blogging is no longer a quantity game.

When I started blogging there was less than 30 or 40 million blogs.

It was a smaller number. Now there are over a billion blogs.

Just think about that. A billion blogs on the web. That’s roughly one blog for every seven people.

Do you think we really need all those blogs out there?

No, of course not.

That’s why blogging has shifted from a quality game versus a quantity game.

When I started you can just crank out tons of quantity, you’ll do well. And now if you do that, you won’t do well.

So I’m gonna break down the formula you need to follow, step by step.

Step one, head over to Ubersuggest.

Step two, once you’re at Ubersuggest, type in a competing URL.

So take any one of your competitors that you know is doing really well, type in their URL into Ubersuggest.

Step three, you’ll see an overview page. This will show you their traffic, all their search terms, within the region you’re targeting.

You’ll see that URL’s traffic. You can always switch the region to another country.

But the reason this tool is built this way is that your customers are probably coming from a specific region versus from everywhere in the world.

On that page I want you to scroll down, click on Top Pages.

When you click on Top Pages it’ll show you all of the most popular pieces of content that your competition’s written about, their traffic to each post, and when you click View All under their estimated traffic, it’ll show you all the keywords that are driving those visitors.

Now, the next step I want you to follow. You’re looking for the keywords that drive in a lot of traffic, the most volume.

You’ll be looking for keywords that have a low search difficulty or SEO difficulty number. Ideally under 50. And you’ll be looking for keywords that have a high cost per click.

So, in general, if it’s over a dollar or two, three dollars, the better.

When you find these keywords, those are money keywords. I want you to go and search for ’em on Google.

Which is the next step.

So go to Google, do a search for one of those keywords. When you do a search, read all the articles in the top ten.

When you read all the articles in the top ten it’ll give you a good understanding of what Google is looking for for the articles that rank for that term. Especially if you wanna rank for it.

The next step is to write a much better article.

I’m not talking about something that’s double, triple the length.

I’m not even talking about 10 times the length. Yes, you want something that’s longer and more in depth.

But it’s not all about length. It’s more about thoroughness.

Did you cover every aspect of that article, that topic?

For example, if it’s making a pizza, do you talk about the crust? How the water affects the crust and the taste. Is it better to use bottled water or tap water? How should you cook your pizza? Do you cook the dough first and then put on the sauce?

Like, what’s the process?

By breaking it down step by step to even what kind of oven you should use. Where to put the tray in the oven. In the middle, at the top, at the bottom.

They’re like, “Oh my god Neil, I got so much value out of it.” And that’s the key to creating an amazing piece of content.

That’s how you write content that gets traffic. It’s not about producing quantity. It’s about producing quality.

And the last step I have for you is when you’re producing these content email all the other sites that you source, right? The sites you’re linking to.

Once you follow this research process you’ll do much better.

And this is why, if you follow this, you will start only writing articles that rank.

You’ll stop writing articles that get no traction – which is a huge waste of time.

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