The Truth About College Degrees

This isn’t my typical entrepreneurship video, but this is something really important. What are the 3 majors to go to college for and why? In today’s episode, let’s talk about that and reasons why you should consider other options. Furthermore, I’m going to break down the education system for you. It’s going to be an interesting episode, so stay tuned!


00:55 Who I am and what I believe in
02:07 I had an alright time in college but…
02:47 Very few of my friends got good jobs after graduating
04:20 Maybe I’m crazy and biased, but the whole college system is messed up
05:10 The only 3 majors to go to college for
07:57 What I find really interesting about education
08:44 My friend Carlos
09:47 Why learn from teachers who aren’t successful?
11:02 Learn from somebody who’s already successful
12:04 People weren’t required to go to school
13:25 Some facts you might want to consider
15:30 Our school system came from the Nazis
18:56 Why do I tell you this?

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