What are the MAJOR changes in SEO for 2020?

Google makes over 3,200 algorithm updates per year. You can imagine, in 2020, a lot is going to change. Today, I’m going to break down the major changes in SEO for 2020.

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So, what’s going to happen in 2020?

Well, first of all, according to Jumpshot and SparkToro, 49% of all searches performed on Google result in a no-click.

That means almost half of all searches on Google won’t send traffic to any website at all. People are either giving up on searches or they’re getting the answers right then and there from Google. In 2020, I expect that to increase even more.

The second big change is that the number of visitors that people are going to get from organic traffic is going to continue to decline.

Sure, it’s being made up at the same time by more people coming online and using Google. But according to Merkle, the total visits produced by organic search fell 6% year over year in Q2 of 2019. And mobile was the one that got hit the hardest. Where visit growth dropped by 13% in Q1 of 2019, to 5% in Q2 of 2019.

The third big change that I see, Google is going to be competing more heavily with Amazon.

If you’ve already looked at Shopify, their company’s been on a tear, right? Shopify right now, at least according to the Wall Street, is the Amazon alternative. It’s your own way for anyone to create their own eCommerce store.

Google, this year already, or in 2019, has released a Buy on Google feature, right? This allows people to buy eCommerce products directly on Google.

The fourth change, more people are going to get the information that they need through rich snippets.

According to the study by Path Interactive on people aged between 13 and 18, a whopping 40% get the information they need from a snippet without clicking through.

Now, this doesn’t mean that hey, we’re getting less traffic by Google and they’re evil. Think of it this way, a lot of those people are just looking for an answer.

You’re going to see Google making more changes than in just flights. because they’ve had this for a while.

By them improving the user experience, sure, you may get less traffic, but A, by Google providing a better experience, more people are going to be using Google, which should help you get more traffic. B, more people are also coming online, which also helps you get more traffic. And C, a lot of those people that Google’s answering the questions for, when they land on your website, they’re not buying anything anyways.

So, what you’ll see a trend in 2020 as well if Google’s answering people’s questions without them going to your website, the traffic you are getting, should increase in conversion rates as well.

I don’t want to end things with you thinking that, hey, Google is evil. Because they’re not. They’re actually a really good company. They even have amazing perks, like giving their employees discounts and money back if they do things like drive an Earth-friendly car, right?

This is nice, so I want to give you five tips to help you with all the changes that Google is about to make.

The first tip I have for you is to become a master at uncovering search intent.

Look, most marketers are just looking for keywords that they should target. It’s not about keywords, it’s about problems. When someone searches for something, a lot of times, they have questions, they’re looking for comparisons, right? Comparing one business to another to figure out, hey, what product or service should I buy? So, you can use Uber Suggest for that.

The second tip I have for you to increase your CTR. Write compelling titles.

It’s all about getting people to click on your listing. Heck, even if you’re not at the top, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get more clicks than the listing above you. You can do things like creating a compelling title, using keywords in your title that your competition isn’t using, writing amazing meta descriptions that people want to click through and read.

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