Why The Links You’re Building Don’t Bring You Any Traffic (Building High-Quality Backlinks)

Why The Links You’re Building Don’t Bring You Any Traffic / Today I’m going to tell you why the links you’re building aren’t bringing you enough traffic, and what you should do instead. I’m also going to share how to build high-quality backlinks at scale.

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I’m getting over 300,000 visitors per month just in referral traffic, and the tactics I’m going to teach you today is going to help you get more traffic.

You’re probably not going to get the same results as me, but you’ll get way more than what you’re currently getting.

So how did I do this? And how can get similar results?

Step #1 – go take all your competitor URLs, and put them into Ubersuggest.

When you put them into Ubersuggest, you’ll see the total backlinks that your competitors have, who’s linking to them, their top pages.

This will give you a good idea of, hey, who’s linking to them? Hey, how much traffic are they getting?

Typically the competitors that are getting more traffic, they’re not just getting it from search.

It’s that they have a lot of backlinks as well, and the sites that are linking to them are also driving traffic.

Step #2 – I want you to click on top pages, and this will show you the most popular pieces of content on your competitor’s site.

Now go back over to your site and see, hey, are any of their top pages related to the piece of content that I have on my site?

Well, if they are, great.

Step #3 – I want you to click view all under their backlink count.

On this page, it’ll show you all the people that are linking to their content.

Step #4 – email them, all the people who are linking to them.

Use the email template I share in this video.

The whole purpose of this is to show, hey, you’re linking to someone else in the same space, has a similar article, but mine’s better, so that’s why you should link to me.

When you do that, what you’ll find is you’re not just getting more backlinks, but you’re getting backlinks that drive traffic, because if your competitors are getting a lot of traffic, and those pages are popular, typically those links are also driving good traffic as well.

Step #5 – take all your most popular competitors, and put it into the backlinks report into Ubersuggest.

This will show you a laundry list of all the people that are linking to your competitors.

Look for patterns. You’ll start seeing multiple people, multiple sites who are linking to all of your competitors.

If you see this same person over and over again linking to three, four, five of your competitors, and you hit them up and ask them to link to you, what do you think is going to happen?

They’re probably going to be willing to link to you as well, because if someone links to three, or four, or five of your competitors, why wouldn’t they also link to you as well?

It’s not like they have any bias. They can’t be a competitor, because they’re linking to all your other competitors, so they should also link to you as well.

And by sending them a similar email discussing how you have the same type of content, you’ll be able to get them to link to you as well.

And when you’re seeing all the people that are linking to your competition, and you’re seeing all the similarities, you also want to take that URL and type it back into Ubersuggest and look at their traffic overview.

If they have more traffic and you get links from them, they’re going to drive you more traffic than if you type in a URL into Ubersearch and it shows you they have no traffic, and you convince that site to link to you.

In other words, you want the sites that have traffic to link to you.

You shouldn’t care if a site that has very little traffic links to you or not, because a site that has very little traffic isn’t going to do well for you.

Follow those tips and you’re going to notice that not only are your Google ranking is going to go up, but you’re also going to be getting more search ad referral traffic.

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