Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work (and How to Make Them Profitable)

You have amazing product. You have amazing service. You go out there, you run some ads on Facebook because that’s what everyone is doing, but you find yourself just spending all this money. No one cares about your ads. They’re not clicking on it. And if you do get some clicks, none of them convert into customers. Why could this be? Today I’m going to share with you why your Facebook ads don’t work and how you can make them profitable.

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There’s a few things that you need to do to ensure that your Facebook ads are going to work and they’re going to be profitable.

Number one. Make sure you’re not just sending traffic to cold audiences.

See, a lot of people want to go out there and just be like, “Let me go find random people based on some interests and target them and get them to buy.”

I’m not saying you can’t make that work. It is hard.

But what you should just start off with is let me re-market all my existing audience and get them to buy. Let me show my ad on Facebook, bring them back to my site, get them to buy.

Let me do things that create a lookalike audience and find all the other people who are relevant, very relevant, right?

Because you could do lookalike audience on Facebook. You want to ideally pick 1%. And then find all the other people that you should be targeting because those buyers are similar to the ones that are like your audience, and Facebook will figure that out for you.

If you’re targeting those people, it’ll help you generate more sales.

Here’s the next tip. You need to spend enough when you’re testing things out.

When you start off with Facebook ads, spend $100, and you can’t make things work.

And this is why I ask you how much do you spend on Facebook ads? Well, if you’re not spending enough to get the ball rolling, you’re not really going to get ROI.

And on the flip side, you could be like it used to work, but now that we scaled up our campaigns to 10, 20, $30,000, it’s not working.

Well, when it comes to budgets in Facebook, it’s all about spending the right amount. You got to spend enough to test to figure out the audiences that work, the messaging, the ads.

For that reason, you got to gradually increase what you’re spending.

The next thing you got to do is you need to re-market all the people that almost bought or almost signed up. And here’s what I mean by this. You got a checkout page. Someone has all these products to their checkout page, but they don’t buy.

Well, you should show on what it’s like to be a customer through a video re-marketing ad, not just on Facebook, you should also do that on YouTube.

That converts extremely well. Another thing that you’ll find is hey, your copy may not be doing well.

Why is that? Well, your copy, your ads, f you just create it, you can’t always just expect it to randomly do well.

You have to see what’s working on for other people. Facebook has an Ad library. Check out their library.

It shows you all the other ads in your space. If you can see that people are spending a lot on ads that are competitors, they have specific messaging, you know it’s working really well for them, and there’s a good shot that if you do something similar, it may work for you as well.

You can use tools like ClickFunnels. You can end up looking at your competitors’ funnels because through Facebook’s library, you can see all their ads.

Click over to their landing pages, see what their funnel looks like, and if you see two or three of your competitors using a specific funnel, specific sequences, with upsells, downsells, specific type of copy, you now know that, hey, this is the stuff that works really well in my space.

Now, before we end this video, I do want to give you one final tip.

I found through all my testing, video ads tend to perform better than text-based and image-based ads. Use videos. Don’t just optimize for a click.

If someone spends time watching a video like two, three, four minutes, and then you get them, you make it fewer people to your site, but more of those people will end up converting.

So don’t just optimize for a click, optimize for a sale. That sale should be at the end of your funnel, right?

You’re looking at tracking revenue. How much are you spending? How much money you’re making? It shouldn’t be hey, I spent all this money, how many clicks I’m getting?

Clicks don’t matter. Sales matter. You optimize for revenue or leads.

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